I am Velvari Belle Love: a content creator, global brand consultant, corporate ambassador, and most of all, an artist. My works combine social and personal concepts through film, music, fashion, and studio art. I believe art has the power to change lives, so I create to inspire, engage and empower others in and out of my industry. I'm on a mission to stop promoting conformity, break free from societal standards, and create art unlike anything created ever before.

Soft paints, edgy tunes, or abstract films; art that's an expression of your rebel soul. You are a lover of undefined things. The ordinary bores you. You dig deep to find the chillest, most contemporary works. You want to twirl elegantly in the star-filled sky, while simultaneously wearing silver chains and a comfortable, black, oversized tracksuit. My work is designed to pursue your passions to your maximum potential, regardless of any societal boundaries you may cross. A surreal experience of grace and poise, and of confidence and trust, for the non-conforming artistic rebel.


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